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An Urban Adventure

StreetGym® is a form of urban circuit training where we turn architectural features, street furniture and gradients into bodyweight based workstations. We typically identify a circular route of between 1.5 and 2 miles. Along the way we’ll stop to perform exercises at various iconic and cool places before running on to the next spot.

Founded by John Allison, an Army veteran with 24 years of service, StreetGym is all about teamwork, improvisation and overcoming obstacles in your path.

Mental health

StreetGym® is not only about physical fitness; firstly it’s about improving your mental health. If you work in an office under artificial light all day it’s highly beneficial to get outdoors in natural light. It’s also about stimulating the mind; we take you on an urban adventure, running, jumping, crawling and weaving your way around the back streets and little known parts of the city. Places you wouldn’t normally visit so think of every session as a chance to explore hidden depths of the city. Because we’re constantly on the move, the senses are bombarded with welcome distractions that take you away from any stress you may have, it puts you in the now and improves your frame of mind.

You’ll be working with a great bunch of people too, StreetGym® is a movement, a tribe. It’s a social session where you’ll be helping others, working as a team, laughing as a team.

Obstacle Race Training

It’s an incredible workout, we take a whole-body, functional approach so you can be assured that you’ll be smashing the calories every session. If you want to train for an obstacle race like Toughmudder or Spartan, StreetGym® is for you. We’ll be replicating the muscle movements required to successfully complete an OCR race and we’ll give you loads of techniques too.

Your Street.
Your Gym.

“The race with obstacles is another exercise....with such obstacles as might be encountered in assaulting a fort or fieldwork.”


Archibald Maclaren. 1868


We offer one to one private training sessions, public PAYG and corporate training.

You can contact us: [email protected] for more information or see below.

If you’ve already booked a session with us and wish to pay via paypal, please click the paypal button on the site. Please also note the StreetGym PAR-Q link below, if it’s the first time you’re attending a StreetGym® session you will need to print off the form, complete and hand a copy to your instructor on the night.

Essential for first timers

Prior to joining a session, please make sure you contact us for a PARQ medical form. We will also advise you on what to wear.

Alternatively, you can download both by clicking the appropriate links.

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£8.50pp with Paypal
£10pp on the night

Always check the weather forecast the night before/prior to the session and dress accordingly. Man-made fibre layers are great when it's cold and wet; wicking, lightweight layers are best for summer.

Ideally your outer clothing/top should be nice and bright too. Also, please remember that whatever you bring with you, you have to carry, so a small bum-bag or similar is also recommended.

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